About Us





The National Coalition for Infant Health educates and advocates on behalf of premature infants from birth to age two. NCfIH envisions safe, healthy infants whose families can access the information, care and treatment their babies need.

NCfIH is a collaborative of professional, clinical, community health, and family support organizations focused on improving the lives of premature infants and their families. NCfIH's mission is to promote lifelong clinical, health, education, and supportive services needed by premature infants and their families.

NCfIH was originally founded in 2005 as the National Premature Infant Health Coalition to serve professionals working with premature infants and their families, ensure access to current information and distribution of science, and develop a strong platform for determining and meeting a need for professional resources. Today, the program brings together passionate preemie parents, multidisciplinary leaders of national and community-based movements, nurses, social workers, neonatologists, and more—all working together to focus on equal access to a continuum of quality care, patient safety, education, and policy to meet a clear need at the family, community, state, and federal levels.


Safety. Premature infants are born vulnerable. Products, treatments and related public policies should prioritize these fragile infants’ safety. 

Access. Budget-driven health care policies should not preclude premature infants’ access to preventative or necessary therapies.

Nutrition. Proper nutrition and full access to health care keep premature infants healthy after discharge from the NICU. 

Equality. Prematurity and related vulnerabilities disproportionately impact minority and economically disadvantaged families. Restrictions on care and treatment should not worsen inherent disparities. 


The National Coalition for Infant Health advocates for:

Optimal Nutrition

  • Access to human milk and human milk- based fortifier. Informed consent for those who opt for non-human based formula
  • Exclusive human milk diet inclusive of human milk-based fortifier for preemies less than or equal to 1,250 grams
  • Coverage for medically prescribed specialty formulas after discharge
  • Insurance coverage for hospital-grade pumps for NICU mothers
  • Employee breastfeeding programs for mothers returning to work 

Emotional Support & Parent Engagement in the NICU

  • PTSD/PPD monitoring and care for parents of preemies, per the National Perinatal Association 2015 Guidelines
  • Parent empowerment through accurate, timely educational resources
  • Family-centered care and consistent bereavement care for families

Infant-centered Care

  • Medical Records Systems that are created, not merely adapted, to accommodate preemies’ complex needs
  • Protection against Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome 

High-quality Care after Discharge

  • Education about early intervention and specialty care services prior to and upon discharge
  • Immunization for all infants
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus prophylaxis for all infants covered by the FDA indication
  • Continuity of care beyond the NICU through establishment of a medical home