Webinar: The Pediatrix BabySteps Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW)

Implications for the Future of Neonatal Care

Guest Speaker: Alan R. Spitzer, MD

Overview: This webinar provides an overview of the Pediatrix BabySteps Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW). This novel tool allows for an unbiased extraction of information from an entire neonatal population care by physicians and advanced practice nurses in Pediatrix Medical Group. Because it represents the practice of newborn medicine ranging from small community intensive care units to some of the largest neonatal intensive care units in the United States, it is highly representative of scope of practice in the U.S. Its value in defining outcome measures, quality improvement projects, and research continues to grow annually. Now coupled with the BabySteps QualitySteps program for defined clinical quality improvement projects, it represents a robust methodology for meaningful use of an electronic health care record, as designated during this era of health care reform. Continued growth of the CDW should result in continued important observations and improvements in neonatal care.